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About Us

Approach is a Boston-based consultancy founded in 1997. We help organizations solve problems, run better and get things done. We specialize in healthcare and public sector IT, in international work, and in using design-based methodolgies to solve organizational problems. We pay attention to our clients, choose projects only where we can really help, and manage our growth carefully.

Approach Group was an early pioneer of the virtual-company, ROWE (Results-Only-Work-Environment) model, cultivating a broad network of very good, experienced consultants with strong specialty expertise and bringing them together in expert teams as and where necessary for our projects.

This model lets us offer deep expertise, keeps our overhead costs to an absolute minimum and our rates low for clients, and provides a flexible and innovative work model for staff.

Our clients range from small organizations to multi-national firms, and include Big Four/Five consulting firms, new companies, healthcare and human service providers, non-profits and government agencies.